Fan Club FAQs

What Benefits Does Fan Club Offer?
Fan Club offers a lot of great features, including:
  • Five tiers of membership with added benefits at each level
  • Daily point multipliers for Gold, Platinum, and Millionaire members
  • Points redeemable for cash, food, or both
  • Simple formulas for earning points and cash back
  • Direct redemption of points for food at restaurants for double their cash value
  • Instant status upgrades based on slot and video poker play

View our full benefits chart for more information

What are Tiers and How Do I Upgrade?
Fan Club offers five tiers of membership: Fan, Select, Gold, Platinum, and Millionaire. Your annual tier score determines the tier you will hold for the entire following year. The tier score you earned last year will determine your tier for this year. If you reach the threshold for any higher tier during the earning period, you’ll be instantly upgraded and you’ll keep that through the end of NEXT YEAR!

In other words, you are enjoying benefits you earned last year, while earning benefits for next year.

The new tier score* system is simple at any slot or video poker game:
$1 coin-in on slots = 1 point toward your tier score
$2 coin-in on video poker = 1 point toward your tier score

*Tier Scores are based on unadjusted points.

How Do I Earn Fan Club Points and What Do I Get for Them?
The new formula for earning points is simple:
$1 coin-in on slots = 1 redeemable point
$2 coin-in on video poker = 1 redeemable point
You can then choose to redeem your Fan Club points for food, cash, or both. You get double value when you redeem your Fan Club points for food at any of our restaurants!

How Do the Daily Point Multipliers Work?
Once you achieve Gold status or higher, you receive a point multiplier* all day every day! Gold, Platinum, and Millionaire members earn cash back and food faster than ever before. Here are the daily point multipliers by tier:
Gold – 2x points every day
Platinum – 3x points every day
Millionaire – 4x points every day

*Point multipliers apply to points for cash and food but not to tier score

Do I Earn Comps?
YES! When you achieve Gold status or higher, you will start earning comps based on your play. These comps do not come out of your Fan Club point total, so you can still spend your points how you like. See a host or head to the players club for more information about comps.

Do I Still Redeem Points for Cash at the Players Club and Kiosk?
Yes. If you would like to redeem your Fan Club points for cash, you can either visit the Fan Club booth or use your PIN at one of our Fan Club kiosks.

Where Do I Redeem Points for Food?
Head straight to the restaurant and present your Fan Club card to the cashier to redeem your points for food. No more waiting in two lines! Remember, your points are worth double when you redeem them for food.

What About Table Games Players?
Table games players will earn food comps instead of points. Table players will receive tier score credit based on rated play and will be eligible for upgraded tier status each month. Table players receive all the new non-slot tier benefits, too!

Where Can I Check My Tier?
You can check your tier at the Fan Club, at a Fan Club kiosk, or online at myfanclubrewards.com at any time.