• Meet Our Farmers

    Our chefs work with local farmers and food producers to bring in fresh ingredients year-round for Farmer's Pick Buffet. We use local meats, eggs, dairy, produce, jams, sauces, wines, and much more to prepare your delicious meal. Learn more about our Missouri food partners by selecting the links below to view videos:

    A-Bow-K Florist & Gifts

    A-BOW-K Florist & Gifts is a locally-owned Boonville, MO florist delivering the highest quality floral and gift items in central Missouri. A-BOW-K’s courteous and expert designers create floral arrangements that will complement any occasion and style. You can order these beautiful arrangements and learn more about A-BOW-K by visiting their website.

    The Berry Nutty Farm

    The Berry Nutty Farm is famed for its production of apple butter and various unique jams. Located in Independence, MO, they are also staunch supporters of local businesses and American-made products. This is displayed in their decision to use only Ball/Kerr mason jars. They also source their fruits from local farmers and stores first. Visit their website to learn more about their great products.

    Burgers Smokehouse

    Burgers' Smokehouse started as a one-room ham curing business called The Ham House in 1952. The Ham House, built on the family farm of E.M. Burger in California, Missouri, quickly grew to cure over 5,000 hams per year by 1957. The Ham House grew into Burgers' Smokehouse and has remained a family business ever since. Today, Burgers' Smokehouse produces 750,000 hams, bacon, sausage and a dozen other specialty meats every year. You can learn more about their history and order their delicious meats from the Burgers' Smokehouse website.

    Central Dairy

    Established in 1933, Central Dairy is farmer owned and locally operated. Much of the raw milk used by Central Dairy comes from within 65 miles of Jefferson City, Missouri. Central Dairy receives this raw milk daily, ensuring that you receive the freshest dairy available. While Central Dairy may be most famous for its ice cream counter in Jefferson City, they distribute over 790 total dairy products. Visit their website for more information.

    Cooper's Oak Winery

    Cooper's Oak Winery is located in the small town of Higbee, MO on the premises of A & K Cooperage, manufacturer of fine American and French Oak barrels. Cooper's Oak Winery actually built the historic Higbee city jail cell into the wine cellar, preserving a history central Missouri property. Cooper's Oak has a second location in beautiful downtown Boonville. To learn more about their wines and history, visit their website.

    Les Bourgeois Vineyards

    In 1974, Curtis and Martha Bourgeois purchased 15 acres of blufftop property on the Missouri River near Rocheport, MO. What started as a family wine-making hobby grew into a thriving business in the late 1980s, as Les Bourgeois Vineyards began to distribute their delicious wines all across the state of Missouri. Today, Les Bourgeois Vineyards is the third largest winery in Missouri, with more than 90,000 gallons produced and 75,000 gallons sold annually. You can learn more about the family business history and their amazing wine varietals by visiting their website.

    Patchwork Family Farms

    Patchwork Family Farms is composed of 15 independent family hog farmers. When you purchase a Patchwork product, the money directly supports Missouri farm families. They are dedicated not only to sustainability, but also the quality of life for their animals. Visit their website for more information.

    Stanton Brothers Farm Fresh Eggs

    Based in Centralia, Stanton Brothers Farm is led by Dustin and Austin Stanton of Centralia, MO. Together they raise more than 8,500 chickens and sell dozens of eggs per week at the Columbia Farmers Market. Dustin, the oldest Stanton brother, has become quite an 'eggs'pert in the market place.