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    Three New Year's Resolutions Actually Worth Trying

    You know the drill: New Year’s Eve comes and we all come up with 20 things we’re going to do better next year, but by the time February rolls around many people have nothing to show for it. Want 2017 to be different? Increase the likelihood that you’ll keep your resolutions this year by choosing just a few that you are most excited about. Not sure where to start? We came up with a few worthwhile ideas to get you started!

    1. Learn a party trick!
    Make a resolution to level up your party game. Equip yourself to enliven a boring office party or fuel the fun at an already upbeat event by having a great party trick up your sleeve! Amaze your friends with playing card tricks, or be the life of every party by sabering bottles of champagne. No matter what trick you decide to learn, practice it plenty of times on your own so you’ll be sure to nail it when you unveil your new skill at a party!

    2. Bring back snail mail.
    Text messages, social media, and even phone conversations are great, convenient ways to stay in touch, but in terms of thoughtfulness, they pale in comparison to a handwritten letter. Consider making a resolution to send a handwritten letter this year. When you’re feeling inspired, dust off your address book, and block out some time to write a letter or two to a friend you haven't seen in years or a relative you wish you lived closer to. Reminisce about the past, let them know they’re on your mind, and maybe enclose a couple of snapshots if you have any handy.

    3. Start a new exercise regime.
    Sure, it’s kind of cliché to do a fitness resolution, but it’s easily one of the best things you can do for your health! Instead of vowing to lose weight (a commonly made and commonly broken resolution), resolve to create an exercise habit. The trick with keeping a fitness resolution is setting an attainable goal. Avoid making an unrealistic resolution to work out for an hour every single day of 2017. Instead, choose something that you can easily incorporate into your current lifestyle. Try setting a goal to start walking three times a week for 30 minutes, or commit to attending a regular fitness class twice a week at your local gym.

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