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    The Art of Re-gifting

    Re-gifting is a term that inspires fear in some and a heartless "meh" in others. No matter the stigma associated with it, sometimes you just need to start spring cleaning early, or maybe you think of it as part of your recycling program. Either way… there’s a few things you should know before you embark as a re-gifter… so here are the rules of the re-gifting road!

    The First Rule
    The first rule of re-gifting is you do not talk about re-gifting. The Isle of Capri Boonville gave the ultimate re-gifting opportunity disguised conveniently as a giveaway this season. If you hit up the Kitchen Appliance Gift Giveaway this December, then you ended up with the ultimate re-giftable winnings. But remember… you forgot to get a gift receipt if anyone asks.

    What was cool and sought after in the 90s is now just a tacky relic of a bygone age. Remember this as you sift through your unused items. If you cringe or suffer flashbacks by just looking at the item, chances are the unlucky receiver will suffer from even worse side effects. Blow up furniture and hanging beads no longer have a place in decorations. Don't toss them, though. As we all know, what goes around, comes around. In a few more years, the beads and plastic furniture could come back in style.

    Embarrassing as re-gifting may be, giving the gift back to the person who got it for you is the worst! Wait, even worse, giving it to another at a function the original gift giver is at present at mortifying. Not only does it paint you as ungrateful, but word will get out to everyone that you are a re-gifter! Stick with the Kitchen Appliance Gift Giveaway… we promise not to show up at your Secret Santa party and rat you out!

    Don't open gifts you don't want. Don't cut off tags, and don't peel off stickers. Using something only once is still using it and, by extension, wanting it. Why would you give away something you want? The holidays are about getting what you want, and re-gifting is about giving away what you don't.

    This holiday season, don't feel like you have to settle with what you've been given. Instead, spread the cheer by re-gifting things to people who will actually enjoy the items. By doing this, you find them new homes where they will be loved and appreciated during the coming year.

    P.S. We still think your best bet is a re-gifted blender!
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