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    Play with Your Food!

    One thing we know for sure is that the more you play in life… the happier you will be! Step one, starting having more fun with your food. Do you love options? We do! That’s why Isle of Capri® Casino Hotel Boonville gives unlimited dining options to our guests! Take your pick of the delightful eateries and dining experiences. If your favorite is casual and comfy, start at Farmer's Pick Buffet®, fine dining at Farraddays'® Bistro or late evening cuisine at Tradewinds Marketplace. Here’s our guide to the restaurants of Isle of Capri® Boonville so you can navigate right to the setting of your choice!

    Farmer's Pick Buffet®. – A casino is not a casino without a buffet! At this popular eatery in the Isle of Capri Casinos complex, you will savor genuine fresh produce, eggs, meats, dairy products, sauces, jams straight from local farms. Early risers can start the day with a hearty breakfast at 7 a.m., and late evening diners can enjoy a leisurely dinner hour lasting until 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and till 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Sample the variety of food offered during popular Sunday brunch served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. for the amazing price of just $14.99.

    Farraddays' Bistro. - Sample flavorful cuisine carefully prepared from local farms’ cultivated ingredients. Relax and enjoy tender beef or pork dishes and our fresh-from-the-garden vegetables. You will find our homemade dessert menu simply irresistible, and our attentive staff will wait on you throughout your entire meal. Try ending your delightful dinner with the rich velvety Crème Brulee’, and you simply cannot resist returning for another sweet treat. Farraddays' dining room is open and awaiting your arrival each Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. and every Friday and Saturday until 10 p.m.

    Farraddays' Savory Appetizers

    For delicious appetizer foods, choose our House Smoke Wings priced at just $8.00. House smoked dry-rubbed spiced wings served with cilantro lime ranch sauce. Another great choice is the Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Brochette also priced at $8.00.

    Specialty Soups and Salads at Farraddays'

    Specialty soups and salads available when dining at Farraddays' include French Onion Soup (for $4.00) and Grilled Chicken Mixed Greens Salad (just $6.00). The fragrant soup is composed of sweet, tender caramelized onions afloat in a tasty beef broth with a thick topping of rapidly melting Swiss cheese. The generous serving of salad food includes crisp mixed greens, Roma tomatoes, soft goat cheese, spicy pecans and hot grilled chicken slices with an original raspberry jam vinaigrette dressing from The Berry Nutty Farms nearby.

    Popular Sandwiches

    Our popular large sandwiches include the Prime Dip (priced at $10.00). This attractive plate offers tender, generous slices of prime rib beef slow-roasted and garnished with provolone cheese and crisp onion straws. Each sandwich is served with either one side or a Caesar or House Salad.

    Farraddays' Star-Rated Entrées

    Two of Farraddays' star-quality food entrées are the Certified Hereford Ribeye Steaks ($25.00) and the Missouri River Valley Chicken Pot Pie ($16.00). The hand picked aged beef ribeyes are fire grilled to perfection using our state of the art steakhouse broiler. The tender and flavorful pot pie contains a generous portion of chicken from area farms along with plenty of locally harvested vegetables in a satin-smooth cream sauce with a crisp, flaky, golden-brown pastry crust topping.

    Tradewinds Marketplace: This is the perfect dining spot to enjoy a fast meal between games or a much needed late evening snack. Tradewinds is open 10 a.m. to 5 a.m. Monday through Thursday and 24 hours on weekends. Here you will find a wide choice of appealing foods fit for all tastes and snacking preferences, all from local farms. High on the desirable menu choices are the sizable Cheeseburger (only $6.99), Philly Cheese Steak ($7.99), Club Sandwich ($7.99) and Chili Cheese Dog ($6.99).

    Local Farms Supplying Fresh Ingredients to Isle of Capri Casinos’ Restaurants

    A number of notable local farms in the Boonville area supply the star-quality fresh ingredients necessary for savory, popular dining experiences and menu selections at the Isle of Capri Casinos restaurants, including:

    The Berry Nutty Farm: This Independence, MO, farm is famous for its apple butter and unusual jams. All fruits are produced here or on other local farms, and Berry Nutty’s food products are shipped and sold in American Ball/Kerr mason jars.

    Les Bourgeois Vineyards: Started by Curtis and Martha Bourgeois in 1974 as a family hobby, this wine-making business has grown to be the third largest Missouri winery. Upwards of 90,000 gallons of wine are produced each year by this thriving local business.

    Missouri Legacy Beef: This local company produces grass-fed beef cattle on free-range farm property. This fiber-enriched diet has plenty of natural CLA and Omega-3 oils, resulting in healthy animals and tender, delicious beef for the food markets supplying fine restaurants for dining.

    Patchwork Family Farms: This enterprise includes 15 different family hog farmers. All proceeds from sales of Patchwork products are used to lend support to farming families in the state who need financial assistance.

    Stanton Brothers Farm: Headed by Dustin and Austin Stanton, this farm in Centralia, MO produces over 12,000 chickens each year, sending dozens of eggs to the Columbia Farmers Market weekly. Dustin is now considered a genuine "eggspert" by the food industry.

    During your stay at Isle of Capri Casinos, you can truly enjoy a unique and highly appealing playing and dining experience. Play games to your heart’s content with all your most delicious food choices close at hand. We hope this guide helps you decide just where to dine the next time you’re here!



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