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    New Technology to Hit BV

    Slot games are always extremely fun to play and are becoming even more fun as technology continues to progress at an astounding rate. Our favorite new technology being introduced to the market is known as True 3D! This new 3D slot technology is taking the slot gaming industry by storm over and will start popping up more and more in the coming years. Want to learn more? Of course you do!

    What is True 3D?

    The futuristic True 3D technology developed by GTECH allows for 3D gaming on slot machines without the need for special 3D glasses. That’s right… no glasses necessary! Some of the most electrifying details and features of this technology include:Sp
    The ability to play slot games in a whole new level of breathtaking detail and immersion
    Three dimensional gaming without the usage of specialized 3D glasses
    Makes it seem as though the image is jumping out of the screen with every spin and bonus earned
    Is placed in combination with the new and feature-intensive GTECH AXXIS cabinet
    Has been incorporated for the first time ever into the thrilling and hectic Sphinx 3D™ game

    What is Sphinx 3D™?

    The new 3D technology that has been created by GTECH has been utilized in the Sphinx 3D™ game, the first game to ever use such technology. With this technology, players can enjoy the amazing and unparalleled experience created with 3D without having to wear any annoying glasses. It's clear that this technology is only the beginning of something much more as gaming starts to find new and exciting experiences for players. The Sphinx 3D™ game is now playable here at IOC Boonville.

    This flashy and intriguing game is one of our most recent games added to the floor and contains a well-padded and comfortable chair to upgrade the experience. The game itself has an Egyptian theme, taking players through pyramids and desert sands on a quest to find hidden treasures of untold riches. Players will notice that the wild Egyptian setting and theme combined with the 3D feature help to make the act of playing the game feel completely new and refreshing. The 3D feature within the game utilizes what is known as auto-stereoscopic technology as a means of displaying three dimensional imagery that simply pops out at you when first seeing it on screen. This technology is able to be incorporated without any loss to image quality, which means that gamers still get to enjoy impressive HD visuals when playing.

    The actual game that has been designed with the 3D technology is as interesting and adventurous as the 3D tech that represents it. There are 7 different bonuses that a player can earn during the course of the game, all presented in 3D. Players that dare to bet higher have the chance of receiving a higher bonus as a reward. Two of the bonuses are a "Coin Bonus" and a "Box Bonus". These can be found in the base game. The other five bonuses can be selected if you gain the rare opportunity of landing in the mysterious Sphinx Bonus room. Players will notice jaw-dropping scenery, icons and coins that all match up with the astonishing Egyptian setting. The game features 5 reels and 30 lines that provide a whole bunch of opportunities to win big! The game as a whole is aided through the usage of the stylish GTECH AXXIS cabinet. ON top of the cabinet is a colorful and unique Sphinx head that will catch your eye from across the floor.

    When you start playing the game, the interactive button panel that is displayed in high resolution on an awesome touchscreen. The Egyptian interface can be fully customized to suit each players' preferences. The huge screen the game is played on is a large 23 inch LCD screen, while the full cabinet consists of a 39 inch LCD display to fully capture the impressive themes, designs and 3D technology. The chair contains fantastic rumble and sound effects that will make you want to keep playing and continue winning!
    It's clear that this new technology is going to have a bright future in casinos around the world! Stay tuned for more gaming updates from us here on our blog as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Stop by and tell us about your favorite games!

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