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    Mississippi Stud Poker Comes to Isle of Capri

    Isle of Capri® is pleased to offer you the chance to play the popular table game Mississippi Stud®. Beginning in May, this ShuffleMaster® game can be found on the Casino floor. You'll have at least three months to try your hand at the game, and if enough patrons enjoy Mississippi Stud Poker, the game could become a permanent option at Isle of Capri. The rules are straightforward, and all levels of players can easily learn how to play.

    Play begins with all players at the table placing the first wager, or ante. Then the dealer hands out two cards face down to each player. Three community cards are placed face down in front of the dealer. Each player picks up the two cards and must decide to fold or place a Third Street bet of one times the ante, two times the ante, or three times the ante. After each player either folds or places a wager, the dealer reveals the first community card.

    Now it is time for players to examine their cards in combination with the card just revealed and choose to make a Fourth Street bet or fold. If a player continues in the game, a bet of one, two or three times the original wager is made. The second community card is revealed, and players have one more chance to place a wager or fold. After all players make their decision, the dealer reveals the third community card, and players reveal their hands.

    Mississippi Stud Poker is based on poker rules. So, winning hands are similar to those in poker, with the Royal Flush paying out at 500 to 1. The minimum you need to not lose your hand is a pair of sixes.

    One of the most exciting aspects of play in Mississippi Stud Poker is the chance to bet up to three times your original wager three times during play. If you have at least a pair of sixes or higher, then you'll probably want to triple your bet each time, since you'll at least push and are guaranteed not to lose.

    You can delve into strategies, or simply dive right into the game. Try a round or two (or more) here during your next visit and see for yourself why Mississippi Stud Poker is spreading in popularity.
    After you try your hand at Mississippi Stud, you can play more of our exciting promotions and games, eat a delicious National Beef Month special and enjoy a great night sleep in one of our hotel rooms. We will see you soon!

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