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    Join Us for the Best Burger at Isle of Capri Boonville

    We can't think of anyone who doesn't love a juicy burger! We at Isle of Capri Boonville are huge fans of this delicious meal for lunch and dinner, and we're here to tell you all about making the best burger at home.

    After brushing up on your culinary technique, come on over to Farraddays'® Bistro every Wednesday to have the perfect burger delivered right to your table. We know you'll find inspiration during our Burger Wednesday special. Happy cooking!

    10 Secrets to Making the Best Burger

    1. Keep the meat chilled so it doesn't stick to your hands or the countertop. You can also chill your cooking utensils as well. This tip makes sure that you don't waste any of your meat and helps to eliminate clean-up time afterwards.

    2. Consider grinding your own beef with a meat grinder or food processor to control portion size and fat content. This trick keeps you away from the preservatives and fillers that may be found in supermarket ground beef.

    3. Use a meat thermometer to determine if your burger is cooked enough. Some chefs like to use their hands, but a thermometer is more accurate and hygienic. These handy devices will make sure that your rare, medium, and well-done burgers are perfect!

    4. Season patties liberally with freshly ground pepper and kosher salt both inside and outside the beef for the best taste. Only salt beef after patties are formed from a high up angle.

    5. Some cooks swear by flipping their burgers once for the maximum amount of flavor. Others like to flip their burgers repeatedly for a faster cooking time. Test out both methods to see what's right for you. Always add cheese halfway through cooking.

    6. Never over-knead your burgers! Gently coax ingredients into the patty with utensils so it remains tender and juicy. Make an indent in the top lightly to keep the juice in and transfer burgers to the stove or grill with a spatula.

    7. Pick the perfect bun. A toasted and sturdy roll won't let the juices soak through like a traditional white bun. A sweet potato bun or a brioche roll adds scrumptious flavor to your burger.

    8. Think about creative toppings for a more unique burger. Peanut butter and eggs atop a patty might sound weird, but this burger is some diner's favorite! Cook toppings separately and experiment with different condiments.

    9. Look for the right beef. Experts suggest a patty that's 85 percent lean and 15 percent fat at the maximum.

    10. Let your burgers rest before serving. The meat needs time to let its juices soak in. If you're cooking for a party, keep snacks and appetizers on hand so your guests don't get too hungry.

    Burger Wednesdays at Farraddays®'!

    We're sure you're just as hungry as us for a burger right now! Luckily, Farraddays' Bistro at Isle of Capri Boonville is here to serve you a tasty lunch or dinner. We use locally grown ingredients and meals made from scratch for the most excellent taste.

    Every Wednesday, Farraddays' presents a special burger night. Burger Wednesdays lets you pick from three specialty burgers of our chef's choosing. Toppings may include cheddar cheese, bacon, and mushrooms! This meal comes with homemade chips for only $8.*

    Let our chefs do the cooking for you at Isle of Capri Boonville. We look forward to joining you for a delectable burger at the best restaurant in town.

    *Disclaimer: tax and gratuity not included.


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