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    Hunting Season – The Deer Hunting Widows

    Each year as the weather cools off and the leaves begin to change colors, your husband gets ready for the opening of hunting season. You know the drill. He gets up before daylight on the weekends and heads to his deer stand. That means you will be a deer hunting widow! This year, let’s make the most of your husband-free time.

    Check out this list of lady-focused activities to consider for this year.
    Book Club
    You can have a girl’s night and spend some time discussing the newest bestselling novels (or trashy romance novel). Put out all of your favorite comfort food from chips and salsa to pizza and cozy up on the couch.

    Win a New Car
    Sure! Why not? With the guys out tromping through the woods in search of prey, you will find your chances of winning have improved! On November 30th, you can try your luck at winning a new car at the Isle of Capri Casino® Hotel Boonville. You and your girl friends can plan an exciting evening of gambling and one of you might drive off with a new ride.

    Movie Night
    Select one night each week for you and the girls to hit the movies. This is your chance to bypass all of the action movies and catch up on your chick flicks. You will not even have to share your popcorn. You can alternate between seeing movies at the theater and catching up on new releases to DVD at someone’s home. You might even decide to fit a classic black and white movie in there somewhere.

    Black Friday
    If you want to avoid the malls and retail stores, you and the girls can plan a day at the Isle of Capri Casino, while the rest of the world is fighting their way through the Black Friday crowds. From eight in the morning to midnight, you can trade in your Fan Club™ points for a variety of gift cards and gift certificates for the casino. It is a great way to start your Christmas shopping and spend some time with the girls.

    Mani Pedi Day
    While your husbands are out tracking through the woods, you and the girls can spend an afternoon pampering yourselves with a manicure and pedicure. This is your chance to get your hands and feet the extra moisture they need during these cool fall days. The only decision you will need to make is whether or not your nail polish will match your toe polish!

    Garth Brooks Tribute Show
    On November 22nd at the Isle of Capri Casino, you and the girls can get dressed up and celebrate the hunky country music star, Garth Brooks. This will be an exciting evening of dancing and singing along to the songs you love. You can get free tickets if you are at gold, platinum or millionaire tier or purchase tickets to this tribute show at the front desk for $10.

    A Progressive Dinner
    If you have enough hunting widows in your group, you might consider a progressive dinner. You will need to have several women volunteer their homes and cooking skills. Throughout the evening, you and the girls will move from home to home enjoying a different course of a meal at each stop. You will want to start with cocktails first and end the evening with the person who makes the best desserts. Live to far from each other? Mix it up and use multiple rooms in your house and create a different theme and course in each room. Have the ladies bring over their course and skip the driving!

    A Day of Giveaways
    On November 15th, it is time to gather the girls together and spend the day at the Isle of Capri Casino for their Wild Women’s Giveaway. From 8:00am to 7:00pm, you and your girlfriends over the age of 21 can get a free buffet when you earn 100 Fan Club® points. Between 2:00pm and 7:00pm, you and the girls have the chance to win a designer handbag every half hour. Your bag might have a surprise inside! If you win, you get to choose whichever bag you want.

    Charity Day
    While the men are out hunting, this is a day for you and the girls to choose a volunteer activity together. You might consider going to a food bank to unpack food items or go to the local animal shelter to exercise the animals or give them a bath. This is a great chance to spend time with your friends and make a difference in your community.

    Get Crabby
    Every Thursday night, the Isle of Capri Casino offers all you can eat crab legs for $19.99. Your husband and his friends can eat all the venison they want while you and the girls go out for some scrumptious crab legs!

    While you may have to be a deer hunting widow, it doesn’t mean you and your friends can't do it in style. From going out to staying in, there are plenty of things for all of you to do. Make sure to mark your calendar to make sure you do not miss the Garth Brooks tribute or the designer handbag giveaway!

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