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    Everything You Want to Know About the Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    You probably don’t have it marked on your calendar, but if you’re a cheese lover you’ll want to know that it’s National Grilled Cheese Month! Now your job is to break out the tomato soup and learn a bit about this popular treat.

    The History

    Food historians say that the grilled cheese sandwich was made in ancient Rome, though France was quick to jump into the culinary craze when their chefs started making one of the first twists to this cheesy sandwich. They started placing a slice of ham between the bread before toasting the dish over an open flame!

    Fast-forward to present-day kitchens, the iconic grilled cheese sandwich has been around the United States for nearly a century. The sandwich was particularly popular during the Great Depression because it was simple and cheap fare. The whole cheesy comfort food image the grilled cheese has goes back to the 1960s, when the simple grilled cheese began to achieve star power, thanks to new recipes popping up all over kitchens in the United States.

    Trending Cheeses

    Of late, the explosion of exotic grilled cheese sandwich dishes prepared by noted chefs throughout the U.S. (especially on the food channels) has triggered dueling spatulas, as foodies compete for "I make the best tasting bite on the planet" honors. The trend has grown so extreme, The Food Network® offers a 50 Grilled Cheese recipe page on its website.

    There are plenty of delicious twists to this classic in celebration of National Grilled Cheese Month. With so many different types of cheeses and breads available in the world the possibilities for a grilled cheese are endless. Discover brie, pepper jack, Muenster, Swiss, Gouda or mozzarella cheese melted between rye, white, marble, texas toast, focaccia or ciabatta breads. The possibilities go on forever.

    Mixing It Up

    Slide anything your heart fancies into the midst of the pre-grilled sandwich to make an even taster combination. Try slices of avocado, tomato, bacon, apple slices, peppers, pepperoni, pulled pork, onion or ham. The more of your favorites you add, the better your grilled cheese gets!
    To achieve crispy, golden-edged bread perfection, you can employ anything from your grandma’s favorite cast iron skillet to the new style Panini presses you got for Christmas. Anything you want to use to create crispy toast with a gooey center is fine by any standard!

    At Isle of Capri®

    Maybe all the extra fillings, fancy cheeses and flavorful breads aren’t for you, and a good old fashioned grilled cheese is what you’re craving. At Tradewinds® Marketplace our chef is longing to make his grilled cheese sandwich recipe the top menu item. Tradewinds’ classic grilled cheese and tomato soup is something that the taste buds crave and the soul desires. It will satisfy your longing for childhood and comfort food.

    Imagine a blend of fresh, hot cheese bubbling between two slices of Ellis Bakery Bread that is lovingly toasted with butter on a hot griddle and served with a cup of classic tomato soup for $5. This soup and sandwich combo is only available Tuesdays during National Grilled Cheese Month.

    Open 24 hours on weekends and from 10 a.m. to 5 a.m. on Monday through Thursday, you can get your grilled cheese fix here! But if you’d rather not travel outside your house tonight, and you still want your tasty grilled cheese, just put some butter on two piece of bread, fire up the stove, place cheese in the middle of the two slices, grill both sides and enjoy!


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