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    Do’s and Don’ts for Valentine’s Day

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. If you don’t want to listen to your significant other ramble. Come have some fun and gamble!

    Just a little inspiration to get you motivated for one of our favorite holidays- Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day tends to spark a bit of controversy. Either people really love it or dread it. But here at Isle of Capri® Boonville, we love celebrating love!

    With V-Day just around the corner, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If you know you’re serious about a certain someone, than you’ll want to make the effort to make this day a good one. Fellas, we are looking at you! Here are our top do’s and don’ts for Valentine’s Day this year.


    Let’s just get the negative stuff out of the way. Valentine’s Day offers a real opportunity to shine. Avoid these major pitfalls, if you’d like to keep your reputation and integrity intact.

    1. Don’t Buy Kitchen Appliances: Guys, guys, guys. We don’t know why you all continue to do this year after year. Women do not find kitchen appliances romantic. There is nothing sexy about a blender. You may think you’re giving her something she needs, but save that stuff for another time. You want to give her something unique that she will cherish forever.

    2. Call Your Ex: When you’re newly single, Valentine’s Day can be a real bummer. When you see all of your friends and family who are in relationships beaming about their romantic outings, it can spark some deep emotions. You may be longing for the past, or angry and want to lash out. Whatever you do, keep busy. Resist the temptation to call up the ex. Remember, you aren’t with that person for a good reason!

    3. Bring a Friend: Your friend is single and lonely, so you decide to bring them on your very romantic date. Stop. Do not pass go! Even if you’re excited for your friends to meet your new beau, for the love of all things romantic, you must leave your entourage behind. There will be plenty of time for you all to pal around. Tonight is all about you and your boo.

    4. Don’t Overspend: Breaking the bank for one day out of the year is never a good idea unless, of course, you can afford it. Particularly, if you’re just starting a relationship, buying something like a car is kind of crazy. Even with the right intentions, spending a lot of money can make your loved one feel bad, especially if they can’t afford to spend so lavishly. Gifts are about the thought after all.

    5. Don’t Forget!: If you’re in a relationship, unless you two have had prior discussions, then celebrating is an absolute must. It’s the one day out of the year that you can make your loved one feel special, so do it big! If you think you may have trouble remembering, well, that’s what cell phone reminders are for. No excuses people!


    Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to go all out. Whether you have money to blow or are on a budget, there are plenty of things you can do that are creative and show you care. Check out this list to get you started.

    1. Celebrate With Friends: This tip is for the single ladies and gents. Just because you’re not in a relationship, doesn’t mean you can’t go out with the people you love and have a good time.. Go to a karaoke bar or out dancing. Gaming with us is a fun option as well!

    2. Plan a Special Meal: There's nothing more romantic than an intimate dining setting. At Isle of Capri, we have everything you need to make your Valentine’s Day special. We’re running a current special, Dine With Your Valentine, at Farmer’s Pick® Buffet. For just $29.99, you and your special someone can nosh on all-you-can-eat crab legs, filet mignon, and a variety of other buffet favorites. At Farraddays’®, you’ll experience a truly luxurious experience with our $50 four course meal. When: Saturday and Sunday, February 13 and 14.

    3. Flowers And Gifts: If there’s one thing a lady likes, and maybe some guys too (we’re not judging) it’s flowers and gifts! If you’re looking for a florist who will really help make your day special, check out A-BOW-K Florist & Gifts. They create beautifully crafted floral arrangements to suit any budget. Visit their website at http://www.abowkfloristandgifts.com.

    4. Sweets For The Sweet: Flowers are nice and everything, but come on, you know it’s all about the chocolate. Not everyone is into flowers, but almost everyone likes a sweet treat. We’ll be giving away a free box of Russell Stover Chocolates. All you have to do is earn 750 base points or hit two suited blackjacks to receive your delicious box. Limit one per person while supplies last. When: Saturday, February 13, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

    5. Spread The Love: Remember, Valentine’s Day isn’t all about material things. Be sure to give out kindness to whoever you see on Valentine’s Day and every day. You never know what someone may be going through.

    We hope you’re just as excited about Valentine’s Day as we are. We look forward to helping you celebrate!

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