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Celebrate National Beef Month

Beef is one of the best foods on this planet, and that is why we want to celebrate it in May with National Beef Month! It is time to get those grills fired up and those pans sizzling. It’s no coincidence that beef month goes hand-in-hand with the start of grilling season, and we want to make sure that you fully enjoy this meaty month! So, pour yourself a glass of red wine or an ice-cold beer and celebrate with a perfectly cooked steak or burger.

At the Isle of Capri®, we want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your meat. So here’s some tips and tricks for you so you can better understand the more popular cuts and the best ways to cook them.

Skirt Steak

We're starting here because it’s inexpensive, and just needs a good overnight marinade. Skirt steak is a tough cut of meat, so it is often used in fajitas (yum!) or stir-fry dishes. You’ll want to trim the membrane first and cut against the grain to keep the natural juices in the meat.

Top Sirloin

This cut of meat can seem a little daunting to cook because of the amount of fat, but that also means extra flavor. Before cooking make sure you look for pieces with a 1-inch band of white and cut it off carefully. You can grill up some tasty steaks for less money than a T-bone, rib eye or fillet. Just make sure you’re getting one that has a top label as opposed to just regular sirloin.

Strip Steak

This steak is an extremely popular option. Choose a strip that's firm with good marbling. There's a lot of flavor in this steak, so don’t try to hide it with overwhelming sauces or rubs. Simply season with salt and pepper, grill and eat. Keep an eye on it so it doesn’t overcook and stick with medium-rare to medium levels for the best flavor.

Rib Eye

This cut isn’t the cheapest, but it is worth your investment for a beautiful piece of meat without a lot of preparation. A dry rub and some fast grilling means you’ve got an easy meal which tastes like it was made in the fanciest of restaurants. Pair with some delicious mashed potatoes and vegetables and you have a killer dinner.

After you’ve experimented in your kitchen or on your patio, check out the skills of our chefs. Find amazing dining specials throughout the month of May at Farmer’s Pick Buffet®, Tradewinds® and Farraddays’®. Come see how our locally-sourced food enhances every meal with fresh ingredients and expert cooking techniques. On Tuesdays this month, you can add a bacon-wrapped beef medallion at Farmer’s Pick Buffet for just $5 to any dinner, or try a rib eye steak sandwich for just $8 every day in May at Tradewinds. Farraddays’ has prime steak on Thursdays as well. We welcome beef lovers everywhere!

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