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    Boonville Employees Boogie Down for Dance Competition

    Our employees know how to get down! They say happy people have happy feet and three members of our team recently proved that by showing off their moves in the Isle of Capri®’s Employee Happy Dance-Off across all 15 of their properties.

    In May, Isle of Capri® Boonville put out the call, looking for employees with the best moves and the happiest feet. Plenty of great dancers from our casino rose to the challenge and our guests had the difficult job of picking the dancer that would go head-to-head with the other 14 properties.

    Out of a field of groovers and shakers, the dynamic team of Anecita A., Rebecca H. and Christine Q. won our properties Happy Dance-Off contest!

    In June, our Boonville dancing dynamos competed against dancers from 14 other Isle of Capri properties around the country. Between June 12 and 30, votes were cast and tallied and a winner was crowned.

    In the end, a dancer from Isle of Capri® Lake Charles, Jerome H., won the top prize. Regardless of not bringing home the gold, we here at Isle of Capri Boonville are proud of our dancers and the joy they spread through their routine in the name of having fun on behalf of the Casino. We wanted to honor them and let them know we are proud!

    Anecita, a financial operations analyst, has a dancing background and has no problem putting aside any reservations about performing. She’s even performed through a few rather embarrassing incidents in the past.

    “I used to be in dance troupe when I was in high school and college. We (the dance team) were performing a dance interpretation of a song called Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Part of the choreography was to lift two female dancers at the same time. Unfortunately, two male dancers who lifted me upward lost control for some reason. I fell in a very awkward position, ripped part of my costume and showed my underpants. It was a big deal in the Philippines, especially in a Catholic School. I was so upset and embarrassed. I cried for a week but later realized that accidents happen. I have to be strong and keep doing what I like to do,” she said.

    For the Happy Dance off Competition, Anecita took charge immediately and planned the entire routine for the trio. She even showed up to the video shoot in a full yellow costume!

    For cage supervisor Rebecca, joining the dance competition was all about having fun. Being in the spotlight is something Rebecca’s always been comfortable with.

    “My mom used to own a lounge here in town, and I was always dancing. I always liked to be the center of attention and show off. It was the environment I grew up in,” she said.

    Christine works as a cage cashier, and was the one member who was coerced into performing.

    “I don’t dance!” Christine said. “This was the most embarrassing thing!”

    Despite it all, Christine got over her initial shyness and was part of the winning dance routine.

    At Isle of Capri, we live our mantra Play More. Be Happy. ™ and we strive to help our guests do the same. With event-packed schedules every month, we make it difficult for our guests not to have the time of their lives and get the most out of their stay, including incredible dining specials.

    Our Seafood Takeover, for instance, runs through August 31 and celebrates everything seafood and shellfish at our first-class restaurants, including deals like all-you-can eat crab legs or three-course seafood feasts, each for $21.99.

    Come grab some seafood, meet some of our happy dancing staff and have a happy kind of night! We will see you soon!

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