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    7 Interesting Facts About Halloween

    Halloween is a fun holiday for many as they dress up in scary or fun costumes and attend parties or enjoy other events. This is a holiday rich in history, myth and legend. Before you enjoy your Halloween in Boonville, here are seven interesting facts you may not know about this special day.

    1. At one time, you had to dance for your treats.

    Many experts link the modern version of trick-or-treating to the ancient European ritual of mumming where the people dressed up in costumes and went to homes and danced choreographed dances. They would receive treats in exchange for their performance.

    2. Jack-o’-lanterns were not always pumpkins.

    The jack-o’-lantern comes from old Irish folklore about a guy called Stingy Jack who tricked the Devil more than once so he didn’t have to spend his own money. When Jack died, he was left to roam the earth as a ghost. His only light was a lump of coal in a turnip to use as a lantern. Early Irish revelers carved frightful faces into turnips, potatoes and beets rather than pumpkins as modern day Halloween decorators do.

    3. Owls are a well-known image for Halloween.

    Back in medieval times in Europe, owls were thought to actually be witches. When someone heard their call, it indicated that a person was about to die.

    4. Halloween was once believed to be the day you would find out who your mate was to be.

    In Scotland, young girls once followed the tradition of hanging wet sheets in front of the fire on this day. They thought they would see the image of their future husbands. In other areas, girls would walk in front of mirrors at midnight with the hopes of seeing the face of their boyfriends.

    5. Candy corn was once known as chicken feed.

    Candy corn was first seen in the 1880s and was first called chicken feed because it resembled real corn which was used as feed for livestock. The packaging even included a rooster, and the candy was sold all through summer and fall. It became a popular treat around Halloween after World War II when marketers capitalized on the colors.

    6. Full moons rarely happen on Halloween.

    Even though images of witches riding on brooms in front of the full moon are common, a real full moon isn’t. The last full moon on Halloween was in 2001, and the one before that was in 1955. The next full moon won’t occur on Halloween until 2020.

    7. Halloween is the Wiccan New Year.

    In ancient times, Celts marked this day as the end of the calendar year. It is still celebrated as a New Year’s holiday today by Wiccans.

    These are just seven of the fun facts that surround this festive holiday. If you don’t have plans to hand out candy or participate in any of the other traditional events for Halloween, this would be a good night to try your luck at Isle of Capri® Casino Hotel Boonville. Stop in for dinner and stay for a few hours of gaming at the slot machines or the tables. You just might go home with your own treat.
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