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    5 Ways You Know You’re From Missouri

    Whether you were born and raised in Missouri or have just lived here long enough to feel like a lifelong resident, there are some unique features that make you stand out. Here are five ways that others can identify you as a Missourian.

    1. You’re Okay with 70-degree Weather Changes in One Day

    You go out in a jacket in the morning, wear short-sleeves all day and wrap up in a heavy winter coat to go home and think nothing of it. Missouri weather is so unpredictable that the temperatures can change as much as 70 degrees within a 24-hour period. For you, it isn’t unusual to switch from heat to AC on the same day.

    2. You Take Baseball Seriously

    Western Missourians are avid Kansas City fans while the eastern and southern part of the state cheers on the St. Louis team. What’s more is the rivalry between the two, so that everyone feels strongly about the team they support. Inter-league games means taking a day off from work to watch the game in person as your favorite team beats the “other team.”

    3. St. Louis is Your Point of Reference

    No matter where you live you add in the phrase, “hours from St. Louis” when giving directions. If you’re in Hannibal, you tell people you live two hours from St. Louis when you give your location to others. St. Louis is the major metropolitan area that you assume everyone knows its placement on the state map.

    4. You Assume Everyone Knows What “Going to the Lake” Means

    It’s a regular occurrence in the summer if you live in Missouri to go to the Lake, which means Lake of the Ozarks. Of course, you assume everyone knows where the Lake is, so you don’t have to be specific. The Lake of the Ozarks is everyone’s local getaway when they can’t take a longer vacation. For some, it’s the ultimate getaway even if they have a whole week off.

    5. You Don’t Have to Travel Far to Go Places

    You don’t bat an eye when someone says they went to Mexico, Cuba and Versailles all in one weekend. You also don’t think anything of it when someone tells you they were in Florida, California, Nevada, Louisiana or Houston a few days ago because you know these are all cities in Missouri. In fact, you even assume that’s where someone means if they were in fact in the actual state or country.

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