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    5 Ways to Up Your Golf Game

    Whether you dream of becoming a professional golfer or you just want to impress your friends out on the green, there are ways you can improve your golf game. Practice these five tips and watch your score improve every time you play.

    1. Get into Position

    One reason you don’t get the results from your swing is being in the wrong position. Develop a routine that will help you get in the correct position each time you swing. Make sure you’re behind the ball with your feet together. Then, take a small step with both feet, a slightly larger step for your right foot.

    2. Practice Putting

    Many amateur golfers put most of their time into swinging, but putting is also just as important. Practice hitting the ball at less than six feet. Instead of hitting the ball in practice for an hour with only a couple of putts, take that hour to putt and see how many balls you can get in.

    3. Learn Chipping

    Another often overlooked area is chipping, but it can really help improve your score. You must learn how to stop the ball and how to make it move. Have an even swing where your backswing is the same distance as your follow-through and keep an even pace. Use a sand wedge to stop the ball while a 7-iron will help you run the ball better.

    4. Create a Specific Practice Routine

    It’s common to go to the range and just practice hitting a few balls with no goals in mind. However, you’ll improve your game if you practice with intention. After warming up for a few minutes, you’ll want to work on hitting the ball with different wedges, including the driver. Next, work on a position you want to see improve. Then, try to get different shots as you change clubs. Also, switch targets. Then, finish out by practicing your short game.

    5. Check the Clubs

    Notice if the clubs have worn down or need to be replaced. If so, consider getting fitted for your next set of clubs. You don’t have to be a professional golfer to benefit from clubs that fit your body.

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