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    5 Ways to Spend Memorial Day Weekend

    As the unofficial start to the summer season, Memorial Day weekend is filled with outdoor activities, special events and fun get-togethers. If you’re looking for ideas on what to do to for this three-day weekend, here are five suggestions to spark your interest.

    This free Memorial Day weekend airshow never fails to impress with its array of planes flying, on display and open for tours. The grand finale? It’s annual parade in downtown Columbia on Memorial Day at 10 a.m. This is one weekend long event you’ll want to join in on!

    2. Enjoy a Picnic

    This may be your first picnic of the season or it may be the most elaborate one, but Memorial Day weekend is a great time to go to the park and enjoy a meal. Our personal recommendation? Katy Trail. Make up some cold sandwiches, salads and snack foods and pack them in a picnic basket with a blanket. Bring along a Frisbee, ball, jump rope or other outdoor gear and plan to spend the entire afternoon. Don’t forget the sunscreen to ensure no one goes home with a sunburn.

    3. Decorate Your Home

    As the first big summer holiday, Memorial Day is the perfect time to decorate your home. Hang a flag, plant red, white and blue flowers or use other themed decorations. Create a centerpiece if you have a patio set. You’ll find all kinds of craft items to make your own or go to a party store to buy premade decorations. You can even save them for the Fourth of July which is just a month away.

    4. Visit a Historic Place

    A lot of people like to take their first vacation of the year over Memorial Day weekend. They use it to visit family or go somewhere relatively close to home. Take this opportunity to learn about the history of Boonville, and the country, by planning a trip to a historic building or place. A great place to start? The Thomas Nelson House or Hotel Frederick. Even if you are staying home, you can find a museum or other historic location to spend an afternoon.

    5. Go to a Ballgame

    With the warm weather, this weekend is the perfect time to spend outdoors. Take in a ballgame or play one of your own with friends and family. Lucky for us, there are two games taking place in Missouri this Memorial Day! No matter what team you’re cheering on, you’ll want to tune into the St. Louis vs. LA game or the Kansas City vs. Detroit game.

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