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    5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know about the Chevrolet® Camaro®

    The Chevrolet® Camaro® has a long and illustrious reputation as being a top muscle car for those who appreciate style and speed without breaking the budget. Even if you love the lines and the power of the Camaro®, there are probably a few things you didn’t know about this model.

    1. The Camaro® was once a Panther

    The Camaro® began its production life as a Panther, followed by some other names before it finally matured into the Camaro® we know and love. In fact, more than 2,000 names were being considered for this stylish muscle car. Of those names, the Chevrolet® Panther got the most attention.

    2. The Mass Teleconference was Born with the Camaro®

    The public relations department at Chevrolet® wanted to get the information about the Camaro® out to the press, so they set up a conference call to announce the vehicle. The call was made on June 28th, 1966 and went out to 14 cities in the US at selected hotels. It was the first teleconference call that had been made on this big of a scale. More than 100 Bell technicians were available to ensure the call went smoothly.

    3. There Has Been a Neiman Marcus® Edition

    Back in 2011, Chevrolet® developed a unique special edition model called the Neiman Marcus® Edition for the Camaro®. This model cost around $75,000. It came in a Bordeaux red color and featured ghost stripes. The model took only three minutes to sell out.

    4. The Camaro® is the Third Most Popular Car for Collectors

    Collectors love their Camaro®, and they will shop for their favorite model year. In fact, it comes in right behind the Corvette and the Mustang for the most collected model.

    5. The Camaro® has the Second Most Paces in the Indianapolis 500 since 2004

    The Camaro® has proven just how popular it is by pacing the Indianapolis 500 eight times since 2004. It ranks second behind the Corvette at 11.

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