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    5 Reasons to Celebrate Bacon

    There is possibly no greater reason to celebrate bacon than bacon itself. The smell alone is enough to get most people’s mouths watering in eager anticipation. But, if you’re looking for a few more reasons to dig in to your favorite pork-filled delight, consider the following added proof for proclaiming the beauty of bacon.

    1. Bacon cures hangovers.
    You may argue that the best cure to any hangover is to not get one in the first place. Logic and commonsense won’t do you any good when you’re battling the aftermath of a night spent tossing back a few too many. Do you know what will do your body good? A bacon sandwich! Yes, science has confirmed what many already suspected: eating a bacon sandwich after a long night will help cure what ails you. The credit comes down to the carbohydrates in the bread and both the protein and amino acids in the bacon. Whatever the reason, the takeaway remains the same; just another reason to sing the praises of your favorite piece of pork.

    2. It smells delicious.
    Enjoying good food requires employing all of your senses, but nothing draws a crowd like the scent of food that promises something truly wonderful. In fact, bacon smells so good that it even shows up in products like cologne, perfumes and soaps. Possibly the first known bacon-scented cologne is credited to a Parisian butcher named Fargginay. He created a formula back in the 1920’s that was centered on the intoxicating scent of bacon. However, the popularity of spritzing oneself with pork belly still remains questionable. If you’d rather eat your bacon than wear it, then you should join the BIG PIGOUT at Isle of Capri Casino Boonville. The BIG PIGOUT is a food and beverage promotion that runs from September through October. Enjoy a three-course meal focused on bacon!

    3. No matter the time of day, bacon works.
    The versatility of bacon knows no mortal bounds. You can start your day with a classic eggs and bacon plate, nibble on a BLT sandwich for lunch (B is for bacon!) and end with an elegant and rustic bacon-pasta dinner. Wherever you are in your day, there is a place for bacon. It works as both the star ingredient of a dish as well as the favored side dish or garnish to almost any meal.

    4. It celebrates the chubbiest part of the pig.
    How often in life does one get the opportunity to applaud fat? Well, if you’re eating American-style bacon, then you’ve got the cut of pork that comes from the fattiest part of the pig’s belly. By cutting the meat from the fat of the belly, the beautiful streaks of fat render out in the pan when bacon is cooking. Use this fat in other dishes to give them a rich pork flavor that just doesn’t come from any other oil or butter. Call it pork belly, bacon or “a little slice of heaven.” Whatever you call it, take the time to rejoice in some delicious tasting belly fat.

    5. Bacon is healthy!
    Ok, perhaps this may be stretching it a bit far. Bacon will probably never take the place of favored foods like kale and quinoa when it comes to the latest in health-food trends. But, bacon really does boast some serious health benefits. In addition to the hangover benefits that include a boost of protein and amino acids to your diet, it’s also full of a nutrient called choline. This nutrient specifically helps with increasing intelligence and memory. Can bacon make you smarter? The world may never know. However, the added health benefits may someday help lend support to the claim that bacon should be crowned the next superfood. Probably not, but it certainly gives the world another reason to celebrate the wonder of bacon.
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