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    5 Hacks to Improve Your BBQ Game

    If you want to take your BBQ skills up a notch, you should try one or all of the following hacks. Incorporate these BBQ tips into your routine, and you’ll soon be known as the grill master.

    1. Use Oil

    You use oil to cook your meat indoors, so follow the same concept for outdoor cooking. Rub oil on the grill grates to keep meat from sticking. Another, tastier alternative is to rub olive oil on your meat and then follow up with sea salt before you place it on the grill.

    2. Keep a Bare Spot in Your Grill

    Keep your briquettes on one side of your charcoal grill or shut off one burner for a gas grill. This ensures you have a cooler spot to place meat for slower cooking or to rotate meat to ensure it all cooks evenly without burning.

    3. Buy Fruit Wood Chips

    Add a few wood chips from fruit trees to your charcoal grill. You’ll get a sweeter taste to enhance the meat. Some popular options are apple, peach, cherry and grape. An additional tip is to soak the chips overnight and then wrap them in foil to increase the amount of smoke for added flavor.

    4. Have Plenty of Room

    Don’t pack too much meat into your grill or it won’t cook correctly. Each piece of meat should touch nothing but the grill it sits on. Don’t set it against other pieces of meat or the sides of the grill.

    5. Don’t Turn More than Once

    Your meat should only be turned once. Use a meat thermometer to help discover what meat looks like once it is cooked adequately, soon enough you could be a professional and recognize the when the meat is fully cooked without a thermometer. When you keep turning the meat, you interrupt the cooking, and allow the juices to escape.

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