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    5 Awesome Last Minute Halloween Costumes

    Some of us are planners and some aren't. If you fall into the latter category, have no fear! We believe fun can be found at any price. These five homemade adult Halloween costumes can be made at the last-minute, and are also an economical way to celebrate the day. Elaborate costumes generate a “wow factor,” but simple costumes laced with intelligence are met with approval and a little envy. A well-done homemade costume leaves many wishing they’d saved a few bucks and tapped into their own creativity. Here are five clever DIY costumes you can throw together quickly that’ll make people think twice and leave them with a smile:

    1. Ceiling Fan. A little less subtle than wearing blades on your head, simply purchase a blank white t-shirt and iron-on black lettering. Affix the letters to spell “Go Ceiling!” on the front. It may take folks a few moments to figure it out, but once they do be prepared for a few laughs.
    2. Pumpkin Pi(e). Hack off a pumpkin stem and attach it to a plain, orange hat with no brim. Purchase a plain orange t-shirt and fabric marker. Draw or stencil on the Greek letter Pi to the front of the shirt. You’ll instantly be pumpkin pi(e).
    3. Road. Dress yourself in all-black and attach white tape down the center of your body. Add extra gore by affixing a stuffed animal for roadkill. If you want to keep people guessing, glue on a plastic fork to get a “fork in the road.”
    4. Freudian Slip. If ladies are looking for a smart and sexy costume, purchase an inexpensive black slip and attach well known terms coined by Sigmund Freud including “id”, “ego” or “Oedipus complex”. You’ll be an instant Freudian “slip”.
    5. Raining Cats and Dogs. Find an old umbrella. Attach stuffed animal cats and dogs or simply cut out cat and dog silhouettes and affix them to the umbrella. Put on an old raincoat or poncho and you’re ready for the worst rainstorm!

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    A smart homemade costume is the beginning of an exciting Halloween weekend at Isle of Capri Casino Hotel® Boonville! Slip into your clever creation and enjoy fun giveaways, appetizing dining choices and bustling gaming action. After a busy evening, kick back and relax in our on-site hotel with all the comforts of home and impeccable service. We’ll tend to your every need so you are up and ready to game the next day!

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