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    10 Ways to Celebrate Spring

    With spring in the air, everyone wants to celebrate sunshine, longer days of daylight and warmer temperatures. As the season of life approaches, there are many ways to celebrate spring in Boonville. Here are just a few to get you started.

    1. Look for Wildflowers

    If you live near a park or other natural area where it’s permissible to collect a few wildflowers, plan an afternoon excursion. Take a long hike and find out what is blooming in your area.

    2. Play in the Rain

    One of the best things about spring is that rainstorms aren’t as cold and unpleasant, so go outside and splash around in a puddle.

    3. Play March Madness

    Get involved in everyone’s favorite March sport and select your picks. Even if you know nothing about the game, you’ll cheer for the teams on your list.

    4. Plant a Garden

    Spring is about growing, and you can help make it happen by planting a few flowers or even vegetables. You just might be inspired to consider how you’re growing as you watch the progress of the plants.

    5. Do Your Own Version of Spring Cleaning

    Even if you don’t like the thought of cleaning out cabinets and closets, you can find something in your life that needs to have the cobwebs removed. Maybe it’s your back yard, a flower bed or a special drawer, but spring is a good time to make something feel clean and new.

    6. Plan a Picnic

    Now is the time to spend as much time outdoors after being stuck inside all winter and before the summer heat drives you back indoors. Plan a fun picnic with family or friends and discover how the fresh air enhances your appetite.

    7. Try a New Recipe

    To go along with idea #6, try out a new recipe for your picnic. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. In fact, spring is all about keeping it simple. So, try a new sandwich or salad or make a dessert.

    8. Buy a New Wardrobe

    Pull out last year’s spring and summer clothes and keep only the ones you really love. Then, take a good friend shopping and find a few outfits that fit the current style.

    9. Take a Day to Play

    Take the day off from work and spend it playing. You get to determine what you consider to be play, whether it’s taking a hike or browsing the shelves of a library. Maybe it’s playing in finger paint or drawing a game of hopscotch on the sidewalk.

    10. Hitting the Green

    Get out on the links and play some golf. At the same time, enjoy the Isle of Capri® Casino Hotel Boonville and the Golf Package offer through October 31, 2017 with a standard room for one night, two vouchers for a delicious meal at Farmer’s Pick Buffet® and two rounds of golf at Hail Ridge Golf Course.

    With all of these options, this just might be your best spring ever.
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